Programs & Services

Abilities Without Boundaries (AWB) offers a variety of programs and services for adults with developmental disabilities.  Whether the individual is transitioning from school or changing services at anytime throughout their adult life, AWB assesses each person’s needs to put together an appropriate programming plan. Through our work programs, adults with disabilities have the opportunity to earn a wage. In addition, AWB job coaches help to ensure that the quality and productivity of each job is met while expanding on the job skills of each individual.


Through community based partnerships, AWB provides various opportunities for Group Supported Employment.   Each partnering employer provides an accommodating work environment where individuals gain hands-on work experience. AWB supplies each enclave, or group employment, with an on-site job coach who provides supervisory support and assistance as the job demands. Some of our enclaves participate in group employment at the AWB facilities to prepare for community placement. These individuals are able to gain work experience through job opportunities that are brought to AWB including printing and labeling, mail and packet stuffing and shredding.


AWB offers competitive employment to individuals capable of doing work alone. They perform a job with initial training from a job coach who offers empowerment so eventually they can work on their own. The job coach maintains contact and follow-up services and provides training for any new responsibilities added to the job. Wages paid for these individual positions are provided by the employers and are usually at or above minimum wage.


As an integral part of the learning process at AWB, we offer experiences to garner useful skills while in the community. With the help of the AWB staff, individuals travel to local parks, museums, community events, and more. These site visits help to engage participants in social interaction, money exchange, and dining skills further enhancing their independence. AWB also offers Community Experience at our own facilities. Each day, individuals have the opportunity to participate in special activities designed to stimulate their minds as well as their senses. These activities include live music performances, arts and crafts and trivia games. Throughout the month, the AWB staff works with their team to purchase ingredients, prepare a delicious meal, and provide meal service to the organization.


Transitional Services is a time limited, community based, pre-vocational service focused on providing career exploration, skill development, and self-advocacy, leading to competitive employment. With support from the AWB staff, Individuals enrolled in transitional services will learn how to overcome barriers to employment and set career goals. Career counseling will be provided as well as opportunities for career exploration such as touring a business, job shadowing, and internships. Additionally, individuals will receive training in financial management, networking, and using various forms of transportation.

Individual Satisfaction Survey

Family members or individuals served are encouraged to complete our satisfaction survey HERE.